Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bikes on trains

Today I am catching regional rail between Italy and Switzerland.
One thing that is plainly obvious is that anyone in a wheelchair, or even a slight mobility challenge, cannot use the regional trains in Italy. The step up from the platform is too high, or the old double-decker trains have no provision.
It was however good to see provision for cycling on the new intercity trains.
One was a nice idea, but poorly executed. The rim buckling low hoops are not good. In fact someone climbed on the train with a bicycle and didn't bother to use the 2 bike 'parking' spaces.

The second looks far more viable with a retractable belt for securing the rear wheel of the bike into a vertical slot. Not that good for mud guards though. With 4 parking spaces per carriage there is sufficient space for people to store luggage of bikes.
The third is the best I believe, with hangers to allow for vertical storage of 6 bikes per carriage. Even though the area was full of luggage a bike still fitted in. The hangers work well.

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