Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Seville cycle infrastructure

I didn't get to cycle in Seville, but it appears to have a reasonably good network of separated cycle routes. 

Some connections through the old city are poor though as the roads and footpaths are extremely narrow - however it would appear that drivers respect cycles on these areas of shared road. 

Two interesting things noted - in the historical centre the use of pavement marking to designate the cycle route was clearly not acceptable. So instead they use little studs with a cycle symbol to designate the cycle track alongside the tram tracks. Pedestrian are largely unaware of the cycle track, but they do tend to avoid the tram tracks, which helps. But cyclists riding through the pedestrianised centre have to be very aware of pedestrians and bicycle bells are used frequently. 

Along the river there is a great cycle track and adjacent smooth walking track that contrasts with the adjacent rough, cobbled riverfront path. Interestingly, at the tourist ferry wharves the cycle track is marked as a wheelchair route. That is the first I have seen that. 

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