Friday, September 4, 2009

Bicycle parking at stations

PB is assisting the NSW government with research to inform the new NSW BikePlan. The reports have recently been published on line here. The first element of research looked at existing data on cycling to inform the development of the new NSW BikePlan. It highlighted several gaps in the data but, as I am sure we have all experienced, the lack of consolidated data sources on cycling was highlighted as a major constraint to effective policy and planning. There is an urgent need to create a single electronic library of this information.

PB did some interesting research on existing levels of cycling to public transport interchanges. The study found that cycling extends the catchment of public transport interchanges to approximately 5 - 7 km. The audit of bicycle parking found that the majority of the bicycles were parked informally (chained to fences and railings).

Surveys of cyclists parking at the stations showed that the main reasons to cycle to the station were that it is the quickest and easiest mode. Health and fitness was similar in popularity. A lack of parking and a lack of access to a car were cited by less than 10% of respondents as their reason for cycling.

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