Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Separated Cycleways

Separated Cycleways are very effective in providing a riding environment in the road corridor where most people feel comfortable to cycle in. They have often been called 'Copenhagen Bike Lines' as they are relatively popular in that city. They are gaining popularity worldwide and also in Australia.

Here is Brisbane's first separated cycleway along George Street.
I have previously written about them in Sydney, Victoria, Copenhagen and New York.

Here is a less than successful treatment for cyclists in New York.

Up till now there has been very little local guidance on appropriate design treatments. That has now changed here in Queensland. The Department of Transport and Main Roads (QLD) have published their Separated Cycleways guideline on their Traffic and Road Use Management (TRUM) web page. Here are some words on it from Jonathan Giles' publicity email:

The Department of Transport and Main Roads aims to provide a direct, safe and comfortable cycle network for people of all ages and abilities to achieve a doubling of bicycle trips for transport.
The Separated Cycleways Guideline presents design guidance supporting the Austroads guides with supplementary advice for bicycle infrastructure including intersections where bicycles are physically separated from vehicles. Facilities like these have been shown to improve safety and increase the ridership of a wide cross section of the community.
This guideline is intended to assist designers, engineers and planners with options on appropriate bicycle facility type for principal cycle network or local routes. Construction and whole of life maintenance considerations are also included. It is acknowledged that in many situations optimal solutions may not be practicable.

The Separated Cycleways Guideline has been prepared to support TMR’s Cycling Infrastructure Policy and Queensland Cycle Strategy 2011-2021 and to provide additional guidance to local and state government and industry. The new guideline is an 'approved notice' of the TORUM Act. It is listed under interim notes until the next formal amendment.
Join us for our 2 May 2014 seminar and webinar to hear more about the guideline and provide feed back.  PedBikeTrans in conjunction with Bicycle Queensland will be hosting the seminar (and webinar) introducing the new guidance and discussing the new intersection design guidance in detail. Please RSVP at:

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