Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Crash data available on line

Government's open data policy is making access to crash data far easier. Have a look at the website to see what else is or will soon be available from the Department of Transport and other government agencies. I played with the crash data and was quite horrified to see the carnage that occurs on our road network.

There is lots of data on crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists and any number of different ways to cut it. Here is a graph I put together summarising the fatalities and hospitalisations of cyclists over the last 10 years split by TMR regions.

As you would expect, the Metropolitan Region has the highest number of fatalities and hospitalisations. What would be interesting to cross-correlate this data with population and/or cycling activity levels.

The data from TMR includes the traffic census on state controlled roads for 2012 but unfortunately does not include the count data for bicycles that TMR previously placed on the 131940 web site. It would be great if the historical count data from their cycle monitoring stations could also be released as it was previously.

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