Sunday, December 23, 2012

Table View bikeway

On Saturday morning I went to the Milnerton Market to see what treasure we could find in other people's junk. The view back to Table Mountain was enough to make the trip worthwhile. Another bonus was getting to see the new separated bikeway that has been built as part of the MyCity Bus Rapid Transit route out to Table View. Fantastic to see a high quality public and active transport facility connecting the suburbs with the city. Apparently the City is incorporating cycle ways as part of all the BRT corridors being developed. Great to see such vision for integration.

After Christmas I intend to borrow one of my brother in laws bikes to explore some of the new cycle routes in Cape Town. Although facilities for cyclists are not fantastic elsewhere in the city there are a surprisingly large number of cyclists out there willing to risk the narrow roads for leisure or utility cycling. As more cycle facilities are rolled out I expect more latent demand for cycling will be released.

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