Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mandatory end-of-trip facilities

The Department of Infrastructure and Planning have recently launched the draft of the Queensland Development Code 4.1 that requires all major new developments, or significant additions to existing major developments, to include end-of-trip facilities to cater for at least 5% of employees in the building or within a certain distance from the front door of the building.

This is a fantastic move and will ensure that large office buildings, shopping centres, tertiary education and hospitals all have secure parking, lockers and showers for employees and cycle parking for visitors. It is a source of frustration that our building, which was refurbished as a 'green' building has no cycle parking for visitors and building management will not consider it. This new building code will ensure that will not happen again.

The code allows the end-of-trip facilities to be provided outside the development within a certain distance of the entrance. This creates further opportunities for cycle centres similar to the two in Brisbane where the general public can also benefit from the facilities.

DIP are asking for comment on the code by 15 October so have a read and send them an email at buildingcodes@dip.qld.gov.au with some comments.

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