Friday, May 7, 2010

Bike share around the world

Construction of Brisbane's CityCycle bicycle share/hire scheme has started. The number of stations where you can hire a bike is quite staggering and will make the scheme very useful to get around the centre of Brisbane. The map below comes from the BCC web site.

CityCycle will bring Brisbane alongside the hundreds of other cities worldwide with bike sharing systems. The Bike-sharing Blog is a fantastic record of how these systems are being rolled out worldwide. The blog has a fantastic Google map that illustrates how the bike sharing revolution is being rolled out all over the world and provides links to the web-sites for each of the different schemes.

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Anonymous said...

most of them are saying that the shops having the same infrastructural problems, but they don't seem to be banding together to solve them. but one thing BTW, the Velo Orange model, where the importer and distributor are separate is a nice model to replicate here.Bikes Perth