Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bribane bike hire

Brisbane has called for tenders for the construction of the first 150 bicycle hire parking stations as reported in the Brisbane Times. Councillor Sutton has a valid question as to where cyclists will be able to ride. The paucity of safe cycle facilities in the CBD and Fortitude Valley is a major deterrent to potential cyclists, not to mention the need to wear a helmet.

There is huge potential for providing cycleways similar to the one in George Street on several of our city streets. Elizabeth Street and the lower end of Queen Street would make a great link across the CBD, a safe shortcut across the city. Linking to the pathways along the river would need some clever planning.
Linking the new cycle centre in Roma Street to Albert Street through the Mall would be good but the number of pedestrians would make it difficult to safely cycle through the mall. The Malls Act prevents cyclists using this section - a huge pity. The taxi parking would need to be moved to make this possible.
Continuing the cycleway along George Street would be fantastic but would need some clever traffic management and the poor taxis will get moved on again.

These are just idle ramblings on a Sunday afternoon. Anyone else out there with dreams for a network of cycleways through the city?

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Anonymous said...

Note that the Malls Act prohibits cycling through Mall area... so the suggestion to make CBD link through the mall is moot until changes (perhaps allowing off-peak travel) are made..

Cr Sutton's question "where cyclists will be able to ride" is easily answered however..

They (cyclists) will ride on roads, footpaths, shared and separated pathways, bike lanes and parks. Where, with due care and attention from all road and pathway users, they will continue to add to the mix of transport modes available for commuting and recreation alike - a mix that must be encouraged to keep Brisbane moving...

A greater deterrent to mode shift is possibly an ongoing insistence of advocates to focus only on the challenges still ahead than the successes..? Brisbane is getting a public bike hire scheme!


Much like any 'new' form of public transport, they will take some getting used to but, if Brisbane is to be the global leader that is oft touted, Brisbane must have the advantage of time to learn to embrace them... Brisbane's CityCats similarly took their time... so too will CityCycle... but what a time!