Sunday, June 28, 2009

Public backs car-free Swanston Street

The Age reports that Melbourne has the opportunity to take the plunge and commit Swanston Street to pedestrians, bicycles and public transport. The general public has supported banning cars and trucks from Swanston Street, will the City's political and business leaders have the courage to implement the option preferred by the public?

You can look at the options here. Option 6 (shown below) was the preferred option.
Bicycle Victoria's web site had some comment on the options from the Road User Collaborative on the options put forward. They felt that although the preferred option (option 6) was the best of the seven options, it was far from ideal. Improved separation for cyclists and fully accessible tram stops were seen as essential. Enhanced urban design, streetscapes and improvement in the local businesses would be needed to make Swanston Street work as an integral part of the Central City Mall Precinct.

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